Blogging from eeePC


The software seems to work on the eeePC but it is a bit crude.

There is no support for downloading categories from the blog and no styled preview, but it is much more fundamental than that.

But the editor is plain text! With no built in support for bulleted lists, etc. You can insert links, images and tables, but who cares when you have such a limited editor. You cannot even get the windows to layout properly on the tiny eeePC screen.


The firefox plugin ScribeFire works much better and looks like the real solution. The only problem is working offline, but that is a small price to pay.

Spoke too soon. Scribefire also has problems with the small screen and insists on running the main editing box beyond the right edge of the screen. This may be a theme problem though……

I have now updated the eeePC Firefox with the Whitehart theme and Tiny Menu and this seems to have solved the problem.

Offline blogging with LiveWriter

I have been using Windows LiveWriter a lot for my blogging at work (a private development log) and it has revolutionised the way I blog. From being something I had to force myself to do it has become something of a habit.

I am wondering if setting up the same thing on this "public" blog will have the same effect.  It was always more of a chore to blog in DotNetNuke than in WordPress so the impact of the technology may be greater for the work blog than on this one.  But the work log has a pressing purpose which this one sadly lacks.

I am also experimenting with offline editors for my Asus eeePC (still running the original Xandros Linux operating system).  Again this should make the practice of blogging easier from a technology point of view.

But then technology has not really been the problem …

Setting up WordPress 2

I know it is not a very friendly thing to do, but the first real customisation I have done is to install a CAPTCHA plugin to guard against automated comment spamming.

The process was very straightforward using the protectwebforum plugin. We shall see if it works

Updated 28/07/2010: all comments switched off as this is such a quiet blog.

The sandbox begins

This is a first bash at a WordPress blog.

Why WordPress? Well I have tried others and they never did what I wanted. I wonder if WordPress will. Follow the WordPress tags to find out.

And why a blog? Listen to a few thoughts on the audio clip from my evoca account. It was recorded in a moving car so the sound quality is not great.