Reviewing for Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint

I have been working on reviewing drafts for the EUSP Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint project. The drive behind the project is to share the amazing things that can be done at the client side of SharePoint without the need for server access, Visual Studio or hard programming. Instead these solutions use the corner stone of web programming, javascript, to manipulate the both the end user experience and the back-end SharePoint data store to produce applications and interfaces that stretch the functionality of SharePoint into territory you would expect to pay thousands of pounds for from “proper” software houses.

So far I have reviewed Paul Tavares’ SharePoint in Agile: Managing an Agile Development Project. Even as someone who spends quite a bit of my time working with jQuery this was a revelation. The application is elegant and effective in itself and also achieves the aim of inspiring me to think of lots of other applications for these techniques, not only in SharePoint but other web applications I work on.

This is another really valuable initiative from the Nothing But SharePoint team and everyone should look out for the final version as it becomes available. For anyone disappointed with what seem to be the limitations of SharePoint or who feels that the barrier to development in the SharePoint corner of .NET are too high there are bound to be plenty of solutions to try.

I has also been a reason use Yammer for serious work.  Reviewing has been managed through the SPYam network.  While I have read a bit about Microsoft’s movement towards “social SharePoint” through Yammer, I had not really used it before.  Compared to other platforms/envrionments I have used for reviewing it has been a lot more free-form, and does tend to get a bit disjointed even thought there are only a few active participants.  As a serious social space it is pretty nice, but I think I need to commit a lot more effort to get the most out of it and I do wonder how I would manage dipping in and out if I was in a much larger/more active community.  So I will have to add it along with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Feedly as places to keep track of.