Synchronising through the cloud, part 2

In 2010 I reflected on the trials of synchronising across four platforms; Ubuntu Linux, MS Windows 7, Android and Symbian S60v3.  At that time, it was Symbian that was causing me problems, but this is no longer the case.

I now have a Nokia N8 Symbian ^3 Anna phone as my main phone, and I find I am using it more than my HTC Android phone, or rather it is my first point of call for anything media related. Not only is the camera fantastic, I find the slightly smaller screen better than the Desire and the audio is better.  For podcasts Nokia Podcatcher is better than the Listen app and for just listening to music I find the old fashioned LCG Jukebox very comfortable (even though the interface is not great with touch). And of course the sound quality, both speaker and headphones, is better on the Nokia.

With the Swype keyboard and QuickOffice it is also better for serious work on documents and spreadsheets.  Interestingly I also use Swype as my main keyboard on the Android phone and I also have the full version of QuickOffice and experience is not as good.  Although to be honest the Swype keyboard is great on both devices; it is the QuickOffice implementation that I just cannot get the hang of on the Desire.

The original post concentrated on synchronising content between all four platforms, or rather making the same files available.  In this domain, the main change is the emergence of Dropbox as the service of choice.

In the previous post it was Symbian S60V3 that was the problem, however I later discovered that with DropDav I could create a webdav connection in the default File Manager that allowed simple copying of files to and from my Dropbox account.  This is still available in the Nokia N8 and it is something that I still use. But, thanks to the All About Symbian podcast I have discovered CuteBox (currently free from the Ovi/Nokia Store) which matches or exceeds any Android app for convenience in accessing and updating Dropbox files.  In fact, because I so rarely use the HTC Desire to work with files any more this is now my main way of accessing Dropbox on the move.

There are plenty of other contenders in the cloud storage space, and I have accounts with, sugarSync and UbuntuOne, but is Dropbox that currently provides me with a solution for every environment I use.