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 +====== Logie Villa Cattery ======
 +=== We are sorry to announce the closure of the cattery on the 22nd Dec 2017 ===
 +=== Thank you to all our clients whom we have had the pleasure of meeting over the years ===
 +=== Kevin and Gwen ===
 +We are a small family-run business set in a semi-rural location with stunning views of the Wallace Monument and the Ochil Hills, yet only minutes from Stirling.
 +Guest cats are accommodated in a new, purpose-built facility with
 +sixteen units, each capable of accepting up to two cats from the same family. Units are individually heated with thermostatic control and the building is fully insulated. The cattery is designed to allow air to flow, keeping the units cool in the summer months.
 +Each unit comprises a comfortable indoor sleeping area linked to a 
 +secure external exercise area, covered by a translucent roof providing ​
 +protection against UV rays.   
 +We invite owners to visit us and view the facilities we have to offer in advance of their cat’s stay.
 +The high standard of accommodation available in a rural setting, together with the level of care and attention devoted to our guests gives us confidence that your cat will enjoy staying at Logie Villa Cattery.
 +If you have any questions regarding the cattery or your cat’s stay, please do not hesitate to [[contact|contact Gwen at Logie Villa]]. ​
 +[[where|Next page...]]